Rockin’ the night home

The Lip-Sync battle is on the horizon and here is what to expect.


Sabrina Merritt

Last year’s first-place winner at the Lip Sync battle was Erin Bougie – who will it be this year?Show up and find out!

Lyneah Knopik, Reporter

For the 13th year in a row, the Anderson Forum will hold the annual Lip Sync Battle. The battle will be one of the many spectacles of Homecoming and a tradition among the students of Hamline. 

The event will take place at 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 11 following a full week of decorating and preparing for this year’s homecoming game. Part of the fun, however, are the surprises the Lip-Sync Battle will offer.

“First the surprise that the Dean of Students, Ms. Klein [has] for all of you, and a high-profile surprise guest judge and many other surprises that I cannot share yet,” said Cultural Studies Instructor, Gaith Hijazin, who helped organize the event.

Hijazin wants students to be reminded that the event is supposed to be a relaxing night full of fun and good times. He was concerned for students to be mindful of both the performers and audience as this is just like any other event the campus holds. 

“[It is a] traditional homecoming event, in which all parts of our Hamline community are welcome to attend. It is an event that reminds us to be proud of [Pipers].” 

The event itself gives students a chance to perform their favorite songs without the stress of actually singing and to compete for prizes. According to the homecoming website, “contestants are judged based on ability to [lip-sync], originality, appearance and crowd reaction.”

As a reward for the placements of the performances, the competition will be handing out cash prizes for the top three acts. Whoever takes home first place will be the winner of $300, while second place is home to $200, and third at $100.

The rules for the event are simple. Each entry may only submit one performance track to eligible and all members of the competing group must be Hamline undergraduate students. Contestants are also responsible for their own props and no use of profanity or lewd gestures will be allowed. If used, it results in immediate disqualification.

Alas, Lip-Sync is not the only event to worry about. After the battle is over, students will gather in Anderson 111/112 for the annual Homecoming Dance. The dance will last until midnight, giving students enough time to bust a move on the dancefloor. 

For more details about the Lip-Sync and other events being held on campus this week, contact or visit Student Activities in Anderson 319 or check out their Facebook events page here.