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Spotlight on Study Abroad

Hamline University students talk about their study abroad trips and how it changed their understanding and approach to college and life.

Evan Hulick, Reporter

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Throughout the year, Hamline students embark on journeys to new places around the world in order to further their education and gain memorable life experiences.

Junior Mark Holden  just got back from his trip to Thailand this past semester and since then he has gravitated towards learning more about Thai culture, going so far as to do one of his most recent anthropology papers on Thai cuisine in the Twin Cities area.

“It changed my outlook entirely,” Holden said. “No one could have prepared me for the wealth of culture that is available in Thailand.”

Holden said that he aptly recommends the study abroad program to his peers whenever he can.

“You get to bring back something with you so much greater, other than the cheap airport snowglobes and t-shirts of course,” Holden said. “Seriously though, it’ll change your outlook on the group of people from that nation at the very least.”

Jenny Hale, a Hamline alumni who participated in the study abroad program that took her to Spain back in 2016, says that study abroad gave her the necessary push to declare a global studies major.

“Some people get a better sense of the culture of a place and some get a better sense of themselves through just leaving the place they’ve always called home,” Hale said.

Hale’s trip to Spain was one she said lifted her out of a repetitive lifestyle and got her to appreciate that there were so many more places out there to go.

“Global studies is all about places and most places aren’t where you are right now. That’s why I went and would go again in a heartbeat,” Hale said.

Senior Gavin Vickers, an Anthropology major, who wishes to specialize in historical civilizations, was so enraptured by his time abroad the first time and his academic learning that he went back to Greece for another year after already completing a semester there to volunteer at local historical sites around Athens.

“I loved Greece so much, I had to go back. After all, they have some of the best historical sites in all of Europe,” Vickers said. “Hamline’s campus didn’t have that hands-on experience I wanted, but they were happy to send me back to Greece again for another year if it meant me getting closer to completing my degree.”

Due to being able to take Hamline plan credits while in Athens, Vickers said that he is on track to graduate in 2019.

”I am more than grateful that a program like this exists,” Vickers said.

According to Vickers, it is life-changing for students like him, those who want to have far-reaching experiences in their field all before they graduate.

Hamline’s study abroad program consists of both Undergraduate and Graduate programs, some operating annually or on a semester basis. Others occur during J-term. It is recommended students talk with a study abroad advisor before planning their trip to figure out which program is right for them. Students can email for more information or go to the Study Away website to book an appointment with a Global Engagement Center advisor.

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Spotlight on Study Abroad