No home for homecoming

The soccer team has missed another year of homecoming.

William Tzavaras, Reporter

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The men’s soccer team always seems to be in the shadow of the football team during homecoming which had lead to some strong opinions from the team.

The football game is always one of the biggest events of homecoming. A lot of current students and alumni attend the game. This year, the football team is 0-6 while the soccer team is currently in a fight for a playoff spot, but they are not one of the featured teams playing at home.

The men’s soccer team is away this year, which has led to some players voicing opinions. “The team and I are not too concerned about this,” said first-year Logan Weller, “but we would obviously rather be playing during homecoming.”

Being away during homecoming also has some of the players wanting to see a change in regards to the week that leads to them actually being home during homecoming. “I think we could do a better job scheduling around it and try to make sure every sport has a home game over that weekend,” said sophomore Patrick Michener. “Logistically, I can understand that could be difficult to do.”

Some of the players are not too worried about where and when they are playing. “I play soccer because I love the sport,” junior Adam King said. “We aren’t relying on visitors or anything but we always extremely appreciate the support we are given. A homecoming game for soccer would have been a blast.”

Adam remains calm even though there is not a home game during homecoming. “I don’t know much about the planning or the process of creating homecoming, but I’m sure the people who put it together did the best with what they could.”

All the soccer players can do is hope for next year to be at home during the homecoming weekend. “It doesn’t hurt that we don’t have a homecoming game,” said Patrick. “I just wish that we could be on campus for the festivities.” This seems to be the sentiment held by many on the soccer team.


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