Hear, hear; cheer is here

Hamline's old cheer team is returning after two years of being away.

William Tzavaras, Reporter

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The cheerleading program is back for the first time after being disassembled two years ago, and they are set on spreading all of the Piper Pride possible.

“With it being the first year that cheer is back, our goal is to change the energy at games and to encourage our fellow Hamline athletes,” Adrianna Christ, coach of cheerleading, said.      As of now, the team is set on attending and cheering at home basketball games for both women and men. They are still deciding on what other sports they will be cheering for in the future.

“Being a member of the team means taking on a responsibility to represent the school and spread the school spirit to all Hamline students,” Christ said.

Unlike traditional cheer programs, there were no tryouts that included people who either did or did not make a roster, but everyone went through a skill assessment.

“Everyone was welcome to join,” Christ said. “It was just so I knew their level so I can help them progress this season.”

The program eventually plans on expanding outside of the Hamline community. While they will only be cheering for home sporting events.

“In the upcoming years, as the program develops more, we would like to see Hamline hosting and going to cheerleading competitions,” Christ said.

Some other members of the Hamline community feel indifferent to a cheer team at the athletic events on campus.

“I think it would make the football games a lot more fun,” first-year Avery Nelson said. “I’m kind of neutral about a cheer, it doesn’t really matter to me.”

Nelson plays baseball for the university, and has never seen cheerleading and baseball work together, but he’d be up to “try it out.”

The Hamline basketball games are packed already when the MIAC season rolls around, especially when St. Thomas’ historic program comes into Hutton Arena. The sidelines are very small on both ends of the court, so the cheerleading team will more than likely be positioned along the baseline under the entrance of the historic gym. It is clear to see that the team will have their fair share of difficulties as they kick off their first year back.

As of now, the team only has 15 members, but they are always looking for more and encourage people to come out.

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