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Adam King


California lost a dedicated soccer player, Adam King, when he decided to pursue school here at Hamline in the Midwest. King, a sophomore studying Business Analytics, traveled far from his home in Redondo Beach, CA.

King has enjoyed competitively playing soccer since he was twelve; about eight years in the book so far. King played hockey when he was younger as well.

“Moving to California increased my soccer skills level,” said King.

Even with some pesky Augsburg women’s soccer players heckling Hamline’s Men’s soccer team, Adam managed to score a goal with a time of 2:55 left to tie up the score vs. Augsburg on Saturday, Oct. 7. King lifted his hand to his ear in a “I can’t hear you” cheer to show the crowd his excitement.  

He said it was “[his] favorite moment so far.”  King also said “having multiple athletes of the week come from our soccer team is great,” and in earning it himself was a “pretty cool achievement.” “It’s the first time since we’ve made play-offs since I’ve been here,” said King.  

The team is ranked 3rd in the MIAC, which King also said is “super hard with the nationally-ranked St. Thomas and Macalester teams.”  Adam is excited to “keep rolling with Pipetober,” as Coach Alex Morawiecki cheerily reminds them to do this month in practice and in racking up the goals when it’s game time.   


Luke Trudell


Hard work and a great attitude makes Luke Trudell a frontrunner for this week’s athlete of the week. Trudell is a junior from Germantown, WI and has played football ever since he was six. In high school, he played football, wrestled, and competed track during his senior year.

Right now, Trudell is studying Sports Management and Marketing. For football, Luke hopes to assist his team in winning games and strive enough with hard work to become an all MIAC player. Trudell is a linebacker and has appeared in 20 games within the last two football seasons at Hamline.

“I want to contribute to Hamline by becoming a leader on campus. After college, I would like to continue to be involved in football and train to become a college football coach,” Trudell said.

Head Coach Chip Taylor wholeheartedly agrees that Trudell earned this prestigious achievement.  

“Luke is a hardworking guy for our football team! Always on time, study’s extra game film, and loves the game,” said Taylor.  

Watch Hamline Football’s perseverance and Trudell’s in the upcoming football game against St. John’s on Saturday, Nov. 4 at 1 p.m. here at Hamline’s Klas field.  

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