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  • Student dig proves groundbreaking

    Student dig proves groundbreaking

    Art Solvang, Senior Reporter

    October 19, 2016

    Students were challenged to understand their skills and community in a collaborative, interdisciplinary manner with the “Dig Into Local History” event at the site of the old Simpson White House, east of Bush Library. The event was primarily hosted by the students of Associate Professor Brian Hoffman’s Anthropology 3130 class, “Excavating Hamline History.” “It was definitely a team effort,” Hoffman said. “The students took responsibility... READ MORE »»

    Students and community members dig at one of three sites near Bush Memorial Library.

    Norrin Spafford

  • Fly Ole, fly Ole home

    Fly Ole, fly Ole home

    Josh Dungan, Sports Editor

    October 12, 2016

    There really is no place like home. After an unfortunate 31-34 defeat at the hands of Carleton handed Hamline its first loss of the year, the Pipers returned to Klas Field for their homecoming game against St. Olaf last Saturday. For 60 minutes, the Piper offense marched up and down the field and the defense forced punt after punt, and the Pipers eventually pulled away from the Oles for a 34-16 victory. “It was a great feeling to win this game... READ MORE »»

    Naji al-Harby stiff-arms Ole in the first quarter of Saturday’s Homecoming game.

    Cole Mayer

  • A movement 800 voices strong

    A movement 800 voices strong

    Joe Dumas, Editor-In-Chief

    October 5, 2016

    Students outraged over proposed program and curriculum changes posted a petition online last week with the goal to “save HU’s Women’s Studies, African American Studies, East Asian Studies, Minors & more…” The petition argued against the proposed program changes, highlighting the suggested integration of Women’s Studies into the Social Justice major. As of 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2, just five days after its creation, the document had ov... READ MORE »»

  • Goodbye Gusties

    Goodbye Gusties

    Josh Dungan, Sports Editor

    September 28, 2016

    The penalty was seemingly a game-ender for the Pipers. Very close to a first down after a fourth-down scramble by sophomore quarterback Justice Spriggs, the Pipers were called for holding. A ten-yard penalty. Going for it on fourth and four with the game on the line is an easy call for most coaches. Fourth and 14? Not as much. The Pipers had no choice but to try something anyway, down a field goal. With 1:41 left in the game, Spriggs called for the... READ MORE »»

    From left to right: WR Harrison Jones (80), WR Nick Campa (2), and TE Josiah Harris celebrate Jones’s game-winning touchdown catch.

    Cole Mayer

  • Curriculum changes under consideration

    Curriculum changes under consideration

    Catherine Stolz, News Editor

    September 21, 2016

    After poring over hundreds of pages of program survey results, the Program Review Work Group (PRW) has come up with a list of proposed changes to the curriculum beginning in the fall of 2017. These recommended changes include sunsetting a number of programs, bolstering others, and reevaluating aspects of the Hamline Plan. The PRW is made up of eight elected faculty members including Jodi Goldberg, Alina Oxindine, Robin Parritz, Mike Reynolds, Andy... READ MORE »»

    Joe Dumas

Kostihova dispels program review rumors

Catherine Stolz, News Editor

Interim-CLA Dean Marcela Kostihova met with students last Thursday during a student-organized discussion in regards to the future of the Women’s Studies department. The session was organized by sophomore Anya O’Connor, a psychology major. The Women’s Studies department is being examined in the...  Read More »

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Magnificience in our multiple identities

Shelby St. Pierre, Copy Editor

Queer, Korean and disabled woman are only a few identities that Mia Mingus has pride to talk about to make a change in this world. Mingus talked about how amazing it is to be able to choose ourselves as well as each other. She focused on coming out and having many identities last Thursday night. This...  Read More »

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WRC hosts Take Back the Campus

Chris Schaitberger, Reporter

To honor domestic abuse awareness month and survivors of power and gender-based violence, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) sponsored the fourth annual “Take Back the Campus” rally and resource fair on Tuesday. Sam Schmitt, graduate intern of the WRC, was in charge of the event in collaboration...  Read More »

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Will a soccer stadium save our neighborhood?

Chloé McElmury, Columnist

To be perfectly honest, the neighborhood that has become our new home isn’t the best. Even though I am living right across the street from campus, my grandma frequently...  Read More »

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Temper rage with a mad novel

Sean Hanson, Columnist

I have a temper. It is a red hot thing that rears its horns at annoyances both big and small. It does not discern important from inconsequential, but rather charges haphazardly...  Read More »

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Forever hold your peace


Election season is in full force and with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading the way, many Hamline students seem disillusioned with the prospect of voting entirely. If...  Read More »

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Book festival brings book lovers, writers and publishers together

Francheska Crawford Hanke, Reporter

Twin Cities Book Festival attracts hundreds of attendees with author talks, signed books and largely the chance to connect with the overall literary community. With so many interested parties, it earned the title of largest literary gathering in this region, reported by WCCO news. “The Fine Arts building was filled with people from corner to corner,” Talia Haibara, Creative...  Read More »

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Getting saxy at First Avenue

Francheska Crawford Hanke, Reporter

First Avenue hosted Marian Hill Thursday night with their own vibrant, seductive sounds that had most everyone on the floor swinging their hips along with the lead vocalist on stage and two opening acts each with powerful female vocalists driving the sound. Marian Hill is comprised of songwriting duo Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol in collaboration that started all the...  Read More »

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