The Oracle

2017-2018 Staff

Levi Jones

Sports Editor

Andy Stec

Senior Columnist

Andy Stec is studying History, Philosophy, and Political Science in his Junior Year while serving as Senior Columnist at the Oracle....

Ally Gall

A&E Editor

My name is Ally Gall and I’m the A&E Editor. I plan on majoring in Creative Writing. I’m really excited to be working...

Abha Karnick

Web Editor

My name is Abha Karnick and I'm a junior here at Hamline University. I am majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Nonprofit...

Ethan Eng


Ethan is a first year student on campus who's unsure of his major, but is thinking about a Political Science major. He joined...

Melanie Hopkins

Design Assistant

Emily Anderson

Design Editor

Franki Hanke

Social Media Director and Senior Reporter

Franki Hanke is the Social Media Director, Senior Reporter, and Photographer for The Oracle. She is a junior on campus majoring Engl...

Karl Bjornerud

Opinion Editor

Matt Jacquez


My major is philosophy, but I plan to double-major in something else more "practical", with the end goal of being in law scho...

Shylie Burleson-King


My name is Shylie Burleson-King, I'm a first-year at Hamline. I'm on the Cross Country and Track Teams and I write for the News...

Sam Lindquist

Senior Reporter

I'm Sam Lindquist, and I'm double majoring in Communications and Music. This is my third and final year at Hamline and I'm so...

Jasmine Lee

Senior Photographer

Jasmine is a junior studying Psychology with a criminology minor. She likes working for the Oracle because the staff is awesom...

Hanna Bubser

Senior Columnist

Hanna Bubser is a Junior studying English and Digital Media Arts. She loves radio, and hopes one day to be a radio journalist....

Chloé McElmury

Senior Columnist and Photographer

Chloé McElmury is a life-long writer of all things from poetry to song lyrics. She is pursuing a double major in Digital Media...

Tamasin Draughon

Managing Editor

Tamasin Draughon is the Managing Editor for the Oracle while also studying Business Management and Communication Studies. She...

Catherine Stolz

Editor in Chief

Catherine is the Editor in Chief for the Oracle. She is a senior at Hamline and is graduating in the spring.

David Hudson

Faculty Adviser

Professor David Hudson has been The Oracle's faculty adviser since 2000. He has taught journalism, writing and literature at Hamline...

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