Blooming into the new season

Struggling with finding social-distance friendly activities? Here is the thing for you!


Emily Lall

One of the twenty rose statues scattered across the Roseville area. This particular statue can be found at the Ramsey County Library Roseville.

Hayden Hayes, Reporter

Roseville is staying one step ahead of the snow with a not-so-ordinary take on rose gardening. With 20 unique rose statues, passionate artists are leaving their mark on the city of Roseville while giving us a new activity to partake in with our fresh socially distant mindset. Local and regional creators have banded together to create a multitude of diverse rose statues to decorate our normal (newly-snowed on) Minnesotan scenery. 

The floral statues stand six feet tall with personalities that match their enormity. Different colors, themes and auras adorn each rose to give all of them an individual twist as a juxtaposition to their similar shapes. Each rose tells their creator’s story and displays a message that the people in the community feel like the world needs to hear.

 With themes spanning from “Color & Culture” by Shakun Maheshwari to “Painting the Roses Red” by Kimberly McCraken, by attending the Roseville in Bloom tour, you are guaranteed to learn more about a culture and attitude that you are not well-accustomed to. On top of supporting creative brains, Roseville In Bloom aims to spread awareness and support  local businesses. Each flower is sponsored and watched over by a nearby Minnesota-ran business in the hopes of bringing in new customers and supporting the surrounding communities.

Lastly –  and something that is important to note –  is that this is a prime opportunity to get out and get active while operating in such an isolated time. The Roseville in Bloom website has mapped out bike routes that range in mileage, along with walking trails and directions to each rose by car. It is extremely difficult right now to be able to do out-of-routine things. It is important to not only find the means to get out and feel refreshed while experiencing something new but to find the inspiration to do so. Something human beings need is an adventure and to be constantly learning. Having to be distant for our own safety seems almost abnormal. If you’re feeling uninspired, in-need of diversity, or just a change in scenery, I encourage you to go check out these phenomenal statues. These figures may ignite a rush of creativity and remove the boredom blockage from your cranial tissue, or it may just be something pretty to look at while enabling you to get outside. Either way, go check it out and keep thriving.