Free books and a bagel

Hamline student hosts a new event to help develop students’ relationships with books.

Lyneah Knopik, Reporter

Books, for some, can be expensive. Most book prices range anywhere from $13 to $17 dollars and it is rising each passing day as with anything. To help with the struggle students might face buying books, Residential Hall Association (RHA) Philanthropy chair and Hamline sophomore Jessie Luévano took action with Books and Bagels on Friday, Nov 15. in the GLC from 2 pm to 5 pm.

“My main purpose for this event is to increase access to literature on campus,” Luévano said.  “Books tend to cost money, and owning them can seem at times a luxury to people who have little to no disposable income.”
The event consisted of tables filled with books Luévano found used from a local Goodwill with of course, free everything-bagels. She was very concerned with the turn-out and at one point mentioned how shocked she was at how well the event was received.

“The turnout was absolutely amazing,” Luévano said. “I was genuinely worried when planning this event that no one would be interested in the books, but I was happily surprised. I started off with around 80 books, and with added books from donations throughout, we were only left with six books at the end. It makes me beyond happy to see so many people have a want and need for literature.”

In fact, Luévano was so beyond happy about the turnout, it inspired her to try and hold the same or a similar event next semester. She also talked about how future people will receive the RHA’s goals for these events as most students do not realize the events are meant to help them connect with their community and other students over similarities they share.

“We want to foster a better and more interconnected community at Hamline,” Luévano said. “The purpose of my position especially is to use the amount of resources and privilege we have as an institution to try and give back to Hamline students and the larger Midway community.”

The RHA is made up of four council hall members, one representative of each residence hall except for the Heights grouped together as one. They put on many events from Haunted Hallway to Late Night Study Breakfast and Amazing Race. If students wish to learn more about RHA or upcoming events, they can check out Facebook, @HamlineRHA.