Adding to a degree for no extra fee

The ACTC program assists Hamline students with finding new courses and programs at other institutions while still receiving credit.

Emilia Nolan, Reporter

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A new semester dawns, registration opens for classes and there is a class that everyone wants. Within minutes, it is filled and the rest are left with new classes to consider.

Yet, for some students, this is just a minor setback. The Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), program allows students attending Hamline University, University of St. Thomas, Augsburg University, Macalester College or Saint Catherine’s University to take classes within these college systems.

Senior Josi Hendrickson has taken two classes at Saint Catherine’s University and University of St. Thomas for Hamline credit in the past two years.

“I have taken Sport Psychology and Genetics [through ACTC],” Hendrickson said. “I really like the ACTC program and would highly recommend it.”

Sophomore Matthew Miller likes how the program expands course possibilities.

“I took Interest Theory last spring and Risk Management and Insurance last semester,” Miller said. “The ACTC program is an excellent program, and I’m glad to have been a part of it. I plan to use it again in the fall. It allows me to continue playing football here while pursuing a program that is not offered here.”

The ACTC program allows students to take a variety of courses not offered at Hamline, such as lower- and upper-level language courses including Japanese, French and Arabic. The ACTC program can provide options when courses are not offered in a certain semester.

Kori Nelson, scheduling coordinator for Hamline’s classes, explains that it is an easily-accessible program.

“Hamline students are eligible to take… one class per semester at the other four schools during fall and spring semesters,” Nelson said. “All full-time undergraduate students at Hamline… can participate. Traditional first-year students can begin taking ACTC courses after their first semester at Hamline.”

The ACTC program also offers external opportunities to students.

“Doing ACTC classes has given me a lot of new friends and has expanded my connections in the field that I am in if I ever need a letter of recommendation from a professor,” Hendrickson said.

There is no extra cost for fall and spring terms, aside from Hamline’s tuition, to participate, so long as students are taking the normal course load of credits for that term. J-term classes are available through the program for an extra fee and summer is not included in the official agreement.

“Some courses like Painting might have a small supply fee that students have to pay,” Nelson said. “And, of course, J-term is only offered at St. Thomas.”

Additionally, it is fairly easy to register and participating students can also receive a discounted bus pass through Hamline to help with transportation costs, as well as a free parking pass for the ACTC institution.

To register, students must submit the ACTC registration form, available on Hamline’s website, to the Student Administrative Services office in East Hall within 10 days of the first date to register for Hamline classes. Some courses require additional instructor approval. All course schedules for participating institutions can be found on their individual websites.

“I encourage people to try out the program if they are interested,” Miller said. “Experiencing a different college is also a huge plus to this program.”

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