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Find comfy space, delicious (pricey) bites at Nina’s Coffee

Nina’s Coffee in St. Paul offers an excellent opportunity for midwinter treats.

Kristina Remus, Reporter

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As winter is in full force, a warm and welcoming space is essential to chase away the seasonal blues. The power of a relaxing hangout spot, like Nina’s Coffee Cafe, should never be underestimated. Nestled in the historic Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul, Nina’s sits with welcoming natural light and a vintage setting. Whether you are looking for a piping hot cup of tea or a comfy chair to unwind in, this coffee shop has it all.

With incredibly high ceilings and wood floors, Nina’s Coffee Cafe invites you to stay awhile. The space offers a variety of different seating options, complete with a lounge area that looks like it is right out of your mom’s living room. Along with a comfortable ambience, the shop just remodeled their walls and decorations to have a more cohesive, modern look. Outdated wallpaper has been replaced with sleek charcoal grey paint, and old wooden furniture was substituted with classic marble tables.

Nina’s offers a decent-sized menu for both food and beverages. If you are a college student looking to save money, however, the prices may be a little too expensive for your liking. A latte is priced at a steep $4.50, and it only gets steeper if you want to add a flavor shot or request dairy-free milk. If you want to get both a drink and a bite, it would be easy to spend upwards of $15. The menu is comprised of quick bites such as sandwiches, quiche, salads and pastries.

Despite being a tad expensive, their customer service and staff make up for it. While I was visiting Nina’s Coffee Cafe, I was having issues with my debit card. I had to call my bank at least four times and was growing increasingly frustrated. I tried to order a small latte and piece of vegan raspberry bread, but my card kept getting declined. I eventually gave up and took a seat.

Moments later, the baristas who were working approached my table and set my exact order down in front of me. They flashed warm smiles and told me not to worry about it. This act of kindness brought tears to my eyes and is a good enough reason alone to visit this relaxing space.

A resident of the Cathedral Hill area, Kim Benelli, explains that Nina’s is her go-to coffee shop on cold Minnesota mornings.

“I come here almost every day for an Americano. I don’t know if it’s the best in the Twin Cities,” Benelli said, “but I know it has a special place in my heart.”

Whether you’re catching up with a friend or stopping in for a warm beverage, Nina’s Coffee Cafe welcomes you with open arms and aesthetically pleasing ambience. This spot may be better for special occasions since it is a bit pricey, but nonetheless, this quaint St. Paul gem is sure to please. They are even open late – so be sure to check it out no matter the time of day.

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Find comfy space, delicious (pricey) bites at Nina’s Coffee