As a commuter, how do you decide whether or not to come to school on snowy days?

Carmen Danz, Speakout

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Carmen Danz
“Being a commuter, I usually will decide to come if I feel safe driving my car with the snow. My car tends to be unreliable, so if it gets to a point where it could be stuck, I choose to stay home.” – Leea Biederman, sophomore

Carmen Danz
“I come to class no matter how much I don’t want to or how rough the commute will be because I know that my time is better spent in class than not. However, when it is a snowy day, like it has been, my commute transforms from thirty minutes to two hours.” – Andrew P Weston, sophomore

Carmen Danz
“It honestly depends on the ice and the number of classes I have on that given day.  If I have three out of my four classes then I try and brave it, but if the ice is too much and I feel my safety could be in danger, I won’t come. ” – Aaron Lembi, junior

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