Heart to hearts at Hamline

Even in these turbulent times, Hamline students continue to love and be loved

Kristina Remus, Reporter

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As the season of love is upon us, Hamline students found themselves celebrating all things romance and warm fuzzies. Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally set aside for romantic couples, “Palentine’s Day” is also widely celebrated by those with strong platonic connections who wish to celebrate their friendships. No matter who you’re around this Valentine’s Day, the holiday is meant to be spent with those you love.

Around this time of year, the anticipation of spring is almost as strong as the love around campus. You can not help but notice the many blissful couples walking around, whether they are holding hands or posting cute photos.

Valentine’s Day is one day in the year when partners can shamelessly celebrate one another in a way that works for their relationship. Some may choose a fancy dinner date, and some would opt for a casual night in with movies.

Alyssa Malecha and Chase Strickler, both seniors at Hamline University, have been together for about two years. They lived on the same dormitory floor during their first year and became friends, and the relationship blossomed from there.

Although some choose to make a big to-do out of Valentine’s Day, Chase and Alyssa would rather do something simple to celebrate one another. Watching a movie or going out to lunch is more their speed.

“He is very supportive and has a comforting presence” Alyssa said when asked to describe a thing that they loved about each other, “He feels like home.”

Chase also feels able to be himself while around Alyssa.

“She lets me be weird around her and matches my weirdness. It makes me feel comfortable to be myself around her.” Chase said. They collectively said their relationship feels warm, silly and comfortable.

As full time students, they have no trouble balancing schoolwork and quality time. If they are not doing homework, they choose to spend free time together. They both agreed that there is a mutual understanding, and time spent together is exactly where they want to be.

Junior Olivia Lee and senior Abby Thompson are another Hamline couple quick to make your heart melt. They met in a statistics class on campus, and were set up by a mutual friend. They have been dating for a little over a year, but their relationship actually began as a friendship.

“I love that Abby is passionate about her ideas and always trying to challenge herself, because it make me think in different ways,” Olivia said.

Their relationship is full of support and adoration for one another, and it shows in their words of affirmation.

“I love that Olivia is outgoing and always making me laugh. We are able to talk about anything and it never gets boring,” Abby said.

They plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner, and then going to see “When Harry Met Sally” at the Parkway Theater. Spending quality time together is important for them, whether it is spent doing schoolwork or not worrying about the small stuff. Three words they used to describe their relationship was “not a phase.”

Whether you are spending the season of love around your friends and family, celebrating yourself or with significant other, Valentine’s Day is sure to have something for everyone. It is a holiday that gives us the opportunity to spread love widely, and tell people how much you really appreciate them.

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