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Hometown vs. Hamline voting

Students and Professor give their perspective on voting in their hometowns or in their temporary residence in the Twin Cities.

Posters in patriotic colors put up in Drew Science Center.

Posters in patriotic colors put up in Drew Science Center.

Chloe McElmury

Chloe McElmury

Posters in patriotic colors put up in Drew Science Center.

Sophie Skilbred, Reporter

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Nov. 6 is on the way, is your absentee ballot? The college student’s schedule can be a busy one, and those who are not local to Saint Paul might worry that voting is too cumbersome to even approach.

There are a lot of variables to consider, such as, how to register to vote, which poll to go to, and where is the most beneficial place to vote; at home or in Saint Paul? Those who have permanent residences in states other than Minnesota have the option to vote here or at home.

“It is your choice,” said Political Science Professor David Schultz, referring to either a hometown or state as opposed to a temporary living place. “What affects this choice is where you are more connected.”

Schultz reflected on his personal experience saying that he is originally from New York but went to graduate school in New Jersey. He started voting in New Jersey because the everyday environment such as street sweeping, funding and other variables affected him more at that point in his life.

Schultz said that he lived in Jersey, so he wanted to have a voice in Jersey. When Schultz moved to Saint Paul he started voting here, saying it helps you “build your roots.”

Junior Ray Doss decided to vote absentee in his hometown in Washington. Doss said he feels very connected to his hometown and wanted to vote there.

“It’s giving back,” Doss said. Since Ray’s family still lives in Washington, he mentioned, “I don’t live there but I feel the effects.”

Another student, sophomore Eleanor Rose, plans to vote in Saint Paul on election day. She is from San Francisco and decided against voting absentee.

“I’ve really gotten invested in Saint Paul and I see myself staying here after I graduate,” Rose said.

To find the poll closest to your Minnesota residence, use the Polling Place Finder on the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

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Hometown vs. Hamline voting