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Shedding light on Sundin

A look at the seemingly secretive campus location.

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Tucked away in its own corner of campus lies Sundin Music Hall. Built in 1989, Sundin stands as the premier spot on campus for musical performance.

“Sundin is a testimony to the generosity of two former Hamline graduates; Lloyd and Mildred Sundin…when he passed away, his wife thought it would be a nice memorial,” Silvester Vicic, Director of Sundin Music Hall and an adjunct professor in Digital Media Arts, said.

Vicic expressed great appreciation for the Sundins and the legacy they left to Hamline.

“Not only did they build Sundin…they also provided money to help run it. There’s an endowment to help keep it functioning,” Vicic said.

Environmental factors are also considered to keep Sundin functioning. Sundin is a controlled climate so as to best protect the wood in the hall as well as the materials required to achieve such premium acoustics.

“We try to keep the humidity at around 45% and the temperature somewhere around 68 or 69 degrees… Wood instruments love the environment,” Vicic said.

It is due to this maintenance that Sundin has such incredible acoustics.

“The acoustics are natural and live and really made for acoustic instruments. The styles that sound best in Sundin will be classical, soft jazz and singers/songwriters,” Vicic said.

Alongside of these are the Hamline University Music Ensembles. These five groups, Wind Ensemble, A Cappella Choir, University Chorale, Hamline Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble,  give Hamline students a chance to perform live for an audience.

Upcoming University ensemble performance dates include: Dec. 8 University Chorale Concert at 7 p.m., Dec. 9 Orchestra Concert at 2 p.m., Dec. 12 Music Departmental Recitals at 11:30 am, Dec. 14. Music Departmental Recitals at 11:30 a.m., Dec. 16. Olivia Schiffman’s Senior Recital at 7 p.m. and Dec. 17 Jazz Ensemble Concert at 4 p.m.

Beyond this, Sundin is a great place to experience classical music performances. In Sundin, Hamline University hosts three classical music series.

“We feature performers who are world renowned or at least have some national recognition. Generally they are performers of very high rank,” Vicic said.

Hamline also puts on shows by The Musical Offering.

“This is a classical chamber music group that has been in existence here at Hamline for around 47 years. It’s composed of members of the Minnesota Orchestra and Minnesota Opera Orchestra,” Vicic said.

One can also go on the first Monday of every month to Lunch with…, a series that brings in outside performers students can listen to over lunch. On Dec. 4 Lauren Husting was the featured performer and played a selection of trombone works by women composers.

Besides just musical performances, Sundin is also a popular spot on campus for lectures.

“On Dec. 14 is the United Methodist Heritage lecture…We do the Women in Public Service Conference that just happened and The Minnesota Economic Association has their annual conference here every year,” Vicic said.

Sundin also hosts two youth music competitions.

“I have found not a single instrument has overwhelmed the hall…The design allows music to live and breathe,” Vicic said.

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Shedding light on Sundin