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Another successful 5K in the books

Disabled American Veterans hosts a 5K in support of veterans.

Wail Eltag, Reporter

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Lakeside views at Phalen Park, spring making promises with clear forecasts and pleasant weather. Old school rock music playing through the loudspeakers as Hamline students in bright burgundy shirts dance and prepare to “walk, run, or roll” in the fifth Annual Hamline Cares DAV 5K Walk/Run/Roll.

The 5K event kicked off at 9 a.m. The Hamline community came together for opening ceremonies, which included “The Star-Spangled Banner” and opening speeches given by Stephen Whitehead, Executive Director for the Disabled American Veterans and Anne McCarthy, who is the Dean of the School of Business at Hamline.

The DAV 5K is a run, walk or roll that helps show thanks to those who served and raises awareness of the issues our ill and injured veterans face every day.

“I think it’s wonderful that these students are wanting to do something to help veterans by putting on an event like this,” Whitehead said.

This is McCarthy’s fifth consecutive year attending the DAV 5K, but she is still in awe of how the Hamline students can organize such an event.

McCarthy shared “I admire both the cause that the students have chosen and the fact that in 10 weeks they manage to organize themselves according teams and putting on this event.” This is McCarthy’s fifth consecutive year attending the DAV 5K.

Hamline student and coordinator of the 5K event, Jack Berlin remembered his brother’s legacy as he watched the success of the event.

“It’s awesome seeing the 5K event coming together piece by piece, I’m just following my brother’s legacy. He made this event a possibility when he was a student here at Hamline,” Berlin said.

Berlin also expressed his excitement in seeing the Hamline community coming together, smiling and enjoying the music.

“All the work put into the event was worth it,” Berlin said.

Apr. 23 marked the date of yet another successful DAV 5K Walk/Run/Roll. Berlin expressed his gratitude for the hard work of everyone and their ability to put on the event each year.

“The Hamline business school, year after year has proven itself such a great place. The teachers here are so passionate about their work and are always there to help. Thank you, guys,” Berlin said.

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Another successful 5K in the books