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Players, coaches reflect on fall season

With their 2012 season over, these teams are already looking towards next year.

Gino Terrell, Reporter

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Women’s Soccer

Ted Zingman, head coach of the women’s soccer team, used “proud” as one word to describe his season.

“[I’m] very proud of our team and the players,” Zingman said.

He added that setting the program record with 12 wins and the competitiveness of his team was a “big step forward.”

This was Hamline’s best year ever for women’s soccer as the team finished 12-5-1, which is the most wins this team has ever had in one season. They fought until overtime in an intense game against St. Benedict for a potential playoff spot. Even though they lost, they came out the next game with the same intensity and shutout St. Catherine to close their historic season.

Zingman said those games–where he “felt the intensity and excitement”–are what he will remember most about this team.

“[Those were] really intense MIAC games,” he said.

He mentioned that, whether they won or lost, he’ll remember this team based on how hard they fought in those games.

He says the seniors are what he will miss the most about his team.

“The seniors had a long bumpy journey to get to this success. A different perspective…is what they brought to the program,” Zingman said.

His goal next year is the same: “Always to continue to improve,” he said.

He feels his team is now equal to other teams in the MIAC and wants to take the next step.

As for expectations for the 2013 season, Zingman said: “Expect a team that’s going to work their butt off.”



Hamline’s volleyball team finished the season 18-12 with the most wins the program has had this century.

However, Head Coach Audrey Ludwig said they were “definitely not satisfied” with the finish. They started 12-1 (0-1 MIAC), but their struggles in MIAC play led to an 18-12 (1-10 MIAC) finish. Ludwig confirmed her team was not burnt out toward the end of the season; she simply felt in conference matches the other MIAC teams held a “mental edge” over them.

Historically, Hamline has struggled to win within their conference in volleyball.

“Mentally, they [other MIAC teams] expect to beat us, and we’re hoping to win,” Ludwig said.

She wants to change that mindset. She wants her team to go out and know they can win in these games because of their defense and preparation prior to the match.

As for the 2012 season, Ludwig says she will remember this team for the family bond they’ve created as well as setting records, reaching 18 wins for the first time since 1995.

“By the end of the season, we felt like one tight-knit unit that trusted each other, that played for each other,” Ludwig said.

The volleyball team will have every member returning next season. The team’s goal is to make the conference tournament, which is the team’s main focus as they continue to train for the 2013 season.

Ludwig sent a message to other teams in the MIAC next year.

“Be ready for us. Our goal is to make the conference tournament. We’re bound and determined to do that,” Ludwig said.


Cross Country

Cross Country Head Coach Paul Schmaedeke said earlier this season that the women’s team has shown improvement this year compared to last year. He also said that nine athletes achieved personal best performances in the MIAC Conference meet.

Fourth-year athlete Colin Rogers sustained an injury prior to the season which caused him to stay off the field. He stayed off the roster this year as an athlete so he could be eligible for next season. This year, he had a different duty: he was the Volunteer Assistant Coach for cross country.

“[It was a] different side of the team, but enjoyable for sure,” Rogers said. “We certainly came a lot farther than we thought we would.”

He was impressed by seniors Brendan Ruter and Nate Dobbins in their performance at the NCAA Central Regional.

“[It was a] real Hamline cross country race,” Rogers remarked.

Rogers started training late in October for next season. He plans on participating in track this season to monitor his progression coming off his injury. His goal next year is to help the team qualify for the NCAA tournament.


Men’s Soccer

Alex Morawiecki, head coach of the men’s soccer, said his team ended on a high note.

They concluded the season with a 10-0 victory over Finlandia. Morawiecki now has a season under his belt. The team finished 3-13-2, and many of their games were tightly contested and decided by a one-goal margin of victory.

“Not as many results [as we hoped],” Morawiecki said.

Later, he added the team has shown positive growth, and the younger players have received more experience than he anticipated.

As for expectations, and other teams in the MIAC, he wants his team to stay focused on self-improvement this off-season.

“Just make each other better every day,” he said. “Control what we can control.”


Hamline’s football team has finished the season 1-9, an improvement from last year’s record.

They have also scored more points as an offense than last year and made other improvements beyond the stat sheet.

Sophomore receiver Arthur Moore revealed that before the 2012 season, he wasn’t able to catch or block well.

“I put in all that time over the summer and gradually built that chemistry with our quarterbacks and just started getting that confidence level up by catching balls,” Moore said.

He has gotten some results on the field. In Hamline’s final game of the season against Macalester, Moore hauled in a few catches at critical moments. He even cashed in on a 14-yard touchdown reception in the red zone. He hopes to be more physical for next year and plans to do that by training.

Former Head Coach John Pate earlier this year said, “we need to get bigger and stronger.”

That’s exactly what first-year cornerback Julian Stubbs intends on doing this offseason.

“Work a lot harder, get a lot quicker…get bigger, get faster, work on technique,” Stubbs said. “We all should just bond together as a team and improve as a team instead of as individuals.”

Stubbs is confident in Coach Charrod Taylor’s workout plan and feels it will help him get huge and fast at the same time, just as the seniors were this past season.

His message to other MIAC opponents for the 2013 season: “Watch out. Corner number 11 coming.”

Charlie Hopkins, assistant coach of the football team, is optimistic for next year.

“If they put in the time they did this past year, sky’s the limit,” said Charlie Hopkins. “We’ve shown great improvement, especially offensively. There’s a lot to look forward to next year.”

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Players, coaches reflect on fall season