Sweeping up the competition

Mulkern Court plays host to first campus broomball game.

Jackie Bussjaeger, Editor in Chief

Hold onto your brooms—last week Campus Recreation hosted the first official event on the frozen-over Mulkern Court: an informal broomball tournament. Although the nighttime air was bitterly cold, more than 30 students showed up to jump into the game, socialize, and share a hot drink on the sidelines.

Junior  and Campus Recreation worker Anthony Golio attended the event and took plenty of pictures to document the game—the first of its kind on Hamline’s campus.

Golio said that Campus Rec hopes to continue hosting broomball games in the future, but whether it will be in the form of a tournament, a weekly pickup, or an intramural is uncertain.

Students who attended were able to enter their names in a raffle for a series of prizes.

The prizes included tickets to the upcoming Winter WonderJam, tickets to the Fireball dance, wireless headphones, and even a pair of tickets to a Wild game.

Ready to get in the rink? You can check out equipment from the Campus Rec desk in the basement of Bush Center. Keep your eye out for coming events hosted  on the rink, and elsewhere on campus, at the Campus Rec website

View more pictures of the game here.